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Jazz Fest 1995

Jazz Fest 1995

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Louis Armstrong
by George Rodrigue

Twenty-first in the series. By 1995, George Rodrigue, had been crafting his insightful naive images of his native Cajun culture for two decades. But it wasn't until he began painting his departed dog as a blue ghost that the world took notice. His charming portrait of "Satchmo" Louis Armstrong, the greatest horn player New Orleans ever produced, was sold out before the Festival's second weekend was fully under way.


10,000 unsigned and numbered, 21" x 35"
2,500 artist signed and numbered, 23" x 38"
500 Remarques, double signed and numbered, 26" x 42"


Poster originally sold for $45 (Unsigned), $195 (Signed), $495 (Special)
Poster and specifications may vary slightly.
Image ©1995 NOJ&HF, Inc / Text ©1998 ProCreations Publishing Company

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