I ordered my Jazz Fest poster when it was released and my card was charged at that time even though you do not begin shipping orders immediately. Why?

  • All of our Jazz Fest items are produced in limited numbers for sale at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. We accept advance internet orders to accommodate those collectors who can't make it to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival or don't want to carry their purchase around during the Festival. All orders are prepaid to ensure that limited-edition merchandise reserved for a purchase is set aside based on a valid offer to purchase. As discussed in our Terms and Agreement section, we have a "charge-to-hold / ship-later" policy because by reserving an item for one customer, another customer will not be able to purchase it.

What is your shipping process?

  • We ship orders in the sequence that they were received. We typically begin accepting orders several months before the festival, so they are the first ones that will be shipped. Once we begin shipping, the process to ship out all unframed poster orders takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks.  Framed posters can take up to 10 weeks from the time the framers receive the print and ship directly from the framer.

  • Remarque and C-marque posters will require signature upon delivery. A customer may waive this by emailing support@art4now.com with their name, order number and phone number with a note stating that they understand that by waiving the signature they are releasing Art4now®, as well as the carrier, from all liability. We will be unable to file a damage/loss claim should there be a problem with the delivery.
  • Shipping carriers vary. On all orders, you will receive an email notification from the carrier with the tracking number when the package is shipped. 
  • Shipping charges are based on several things, including weight and value. 
  • We don't offer flat packaging because a print is more vulnerable to damage than one shipped in a tube. To prevent your poster from retaining any curl, have it framed immediately or remove it carefully from the tube and store it flat.
  • If you receive a damaged shipment, please email us at support@art4now.com.

    Who signs the poster?

    • The Signed poster bears the signature of the Artist who created the print. The more exclusive editions (ReMarque, C-Marque, Proofs), are signed by both the artist and the performer honored as the subject.

    What is a ReMarque? What is a C-Marque?

    • A ReMarque is a signed print to which the artist adds a "remark," literally a comment on the art or the subject. Depending on the print's format, this hand work is added either in an oversized lower margin or within the image. The artist will either draw a small illustration or supplement and enhance the printed area. When the subject of the art is a living performer, the ReMarque often includes that person's signature.
    • A C-Marque is the artwork printed on canvas that can be stretched like a painting or framed as a print. The artist individually enhances each C-Marque by over-painting unique features on the image. The artist signs and numbers each C-Marque. If a living performer is the subject, it is double-signed as well. When framing, we do not recommend the use of glass.

    I sometimes get a high number even though I place my order early every year. Can I pay extra for a low number?

    • We'd love to have the extra income, but the print number pulled for an order is random and there is no way to guarantee a low number. It doesn't add to the value of the poster. In the days of stone lithography, a low number ensured that the image was fresh since prints pulled at the end of a run came off a stone that was sometimes worn down. With silk-screen prints, however, every print is of the same quality, individually inspected and curated to ensure uniform excellence. The number is simply your assurance that the edition is limited and that your print is unique and authentic.

      Do you ship internationally?

      • We can ship just about anywhere in the world- shipping costs will vary per country. All international duties and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer.

        What is your cancellation/refund policy?

        • Orders cancelled within 5 days of placement will be fully refunded unless already shipped. Cancelations must be in writing and sent to support@art4now.com  Posters cannot be returned for exchange or refund. BayouWear® brand clothing may be returned for exchange at no charge except shipping if received back in our office unworn within 30 days of shipment by us.  Please email support@art4now.com with BayouWear exchanges or returns.

          Does art4now buy back posters?

          • Art4now does not buy back posters. It created a peer-to-peer trading platform called PrintXchg.com, for collectors to trade directly with each other. This stock exchange-like bid-ask negotiation system is not an auction. It allows the buyer & seller to reach a price without emotion-driven time pressure, guided by posted values of recent trades & other bids and asks. All traded posters are sent to PrintXchg for verification of authenticity & condition. Collectors can assemble free portfolios to track the latest value of their whole collections for insurance and resale purposes & be alerted if someone is looking for one of their posters even if the collector hasn't listed it for sale. Likewise, someone looking for a specific poster can bid on it even if it's not listed on the site knowing that their bid will be seen by owners of that work.

          Why can't I buy just this year's Jazz Fest PosterCard™? I don't need the whole set. Why are the 1991, 1992, and 1993 PosterCards™ missing from my set?

          • PosterCards™ are only sold in a complete set because of the difficult logistics involved in handling single cards.
          • We only include those images that were created by our family of companies. ProCreations® originated the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival poster concept in 1975 and published the series until 1990. Another company produced the poster for a three-year period beginning in 1991. In 1994 Procreations' affiliates, IconoGraphx and Art4now® regained the license.

                If I just buy the numbered print can I get the artist or performer to sign it later if I agree to pay him for his signature?

                • The artist is under contract to sign only the Signed, ReMarque, C-Marque and Proof editions authorized by the publisher. If there is a performer-signed edition, the performer is likewise bound to sign only the ReMarque, C-Marque and Proofs. In this way we guarantee the exclusivity of the limited editions. In fact, simply placing a signature on an unsigned poster does not increase its value. It is just an autograph. A collector wants an authorized signed print from the smaller edition.

                I just want an inexpensive "plain Jazz Fest poster." It doesn't have to have a number or anything. (Or: I know you're SOLD OUT, but will you be getting more in?)

                • All of our Jazz Fest posters are numbered because they are produced in limited editions. When limited edition prints are sold out, they're gone. We print the entire edition from the original screens and when the editions are finished, we destroy the screens and no more will ever be produced. That guarantees that the posters will maintain and, we hope, increase their value. Some of our other event posters are available in an "open", un-numbered, edition.

                How is the artist chosen each year for the Jazz Fest poster and Congo Square?

                • We tried bribery, but artists rarely had enough money - so we settled on merit. Since the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is a celebration of local culture, we try to choose artists born in, working in or otherwise connected to Louisiana. We favor artists with a reputation made over a number of years since they have proven that they can relate to an audience. We then look at portfolios and try to find a connection between the artist's work and a valid New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival subject, also chosen for a connection to local culture. Sometimes we start with a subject and look for an artist whose work is best suited to express that idea.