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Jazz Fest 2006

Jazz Fest 2006

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Rockin' to New Orleans
by James Michalopoulos

Note: Fats Domino passed away in 2017. The ReMarque and Proof editions are signed by him.

Thirty-second in the series. If there's a living symbol of all that makes New Orleans great and unique, it's Antoine "Fats" Domino. His debut million-selling 1949 single, "The Fat Man" (derived from his nickname) is considered by many to be the first rock & roll record ever. Fats went on to become the second largest-selling rock & roll star of the 50's and early-60's, behind only Elvis. He had 35 Top-40 singles from 1955 through 1963, on his way to selling more than 65 million records.

Michalopoulos' portrait of Fats was embraced as strongly as his previous portraits of Dr. John (JF98), Louis Armstrong (JF01) and Mahalia Jackson (JF03). With a richly-colored sampling of the graceful buildings that line the old city drawing the viewer's eye towards an improbably balanced Fats pounding and tickling his piano into submission, this work sums up the man, his city, its music and their place in our hearts. A classic subject, masterfully executed by one of America's great figurative artists, this was the first Jazz Fest poster produced after water topped the levees. Along with Fats' improbable rescue from the roof of his home, this poster proved that no mere force of nature can change the soul of a great city.


12,500 numbered posters on archival paper, 20" x 36"
3,500 Artist-signed & numbered prints on 100% Rag paper, 21" x 38"
1000 Remarques, double signed & numbered prints on 100% Rag paper, 22" x 40"
500 C-Marques, double signed & numbered canvasses, 26" x 40"


Poster originally sold for $59 (Unsigned), $235 (Artist-Signed), $595 (Re-Marque), $895 (C-Marque)

Poster and specifications may vary slightly.

Poster ©2006 NOJ&HF, Inc / Text © 2006-2007 ProCreations Publishing Company

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