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Jazz Fest 2003

Jazz Fest 2003

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Mahalia Jackson
by James Michalopoulos

The most spiritual — and spirited — voice of the 20th Century belonged to the late, great pioneering interpreter of gospel music, Mahalia Jackson. Choosing the sanctified music of the church over the temptations of R&B, this New Orleans native had a huge impact on an earthly plane: she influenced the rock & roll of Little Richard, launched the career of accompanist Billy Preston, won a Lifetime Achievement Grammy, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and, against all odds, landed a gospel song on Billboard's Top 100. Her voice rang out at JFK's inaugural and rallied the 200,000 faithful before Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Hers was a life of passionate commitment, accomplishment and far-reaching beneficent influence. Her devotional rapture is captured in all its glory in James Michalopoulos' portrait of this heavenly star. Mahalia performed at the first Festival's Congo Square site in 1970. Michalopoulos' magnificent silk-screen print and expansive mastery gives us panoramic insights into a major musical force too few of us knew well and is a definitive portrait of America's gospel roots. A lyrical work in its own right. 


10,000 Unsigned and numbered posters on archival paper, 19" x 36" 
3,000 Artist-signed & numbered prints on 100% Rag paper, 20" x 38" 
750 Remarques, double signed & numbered prints on 100% Rag paper, 21" x 40" 
300 C-Marques, double signed & numbered canvasses, 21" x 40"


Poster originally sold for $59 (Unsigned), $239 (Artist-Signed), $595 (Re-Marque) $895 (C-Marque)

Poster and specifications may vary slightly.

Image ©2003 NOJ&HF, Inc / Text ©2003-2004 ProCreations Publishing Company

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