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Jazz Fest 2002

Jazz Fest 2002

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Wynton Marsalis
by Paul Rogers

In the house that Buddy Bolden built and Louis Armstrong renovated, dwells Wynton Marsalis — inheritor of the mantle of New Orleans' gift of jazz to the world. A straight line connects these greats, running through the heart of New Orleans and pointing to the future of musical innovation. Paul Rogers, a master of Jazz Age visual art, finds the fulcrum of this line, leveraging it in the same way that Wynton uses it to move 20th century music into the new millenium. Rogers paints an allegory using the lexicon of classic poster art, replete with subtle references to the giants upon whose shoulders Marsalis stands. Long before MTV defined how we see and hear music, there were 78's and radio and towering imagery; nascent media that bound people together and fired their imaginations. As Marsalis does in the aural arena, Rogers riffs on chromatics, in this case visual, using a palette last seen before jets made the world too small. Rich silk-screen pigments suffuse the viewer in the artist's tonal clarity. This original print is reminiscent of the pioneering work of ProCreations, originators of the modern Jazz Festival poster, and is a stand-out in the world's most collected poster series. 


10,000 Unsigned and numbered posters on archival paper, 19" x 35"
3,000 Artist-signed & numbered prints on 100% Rag paper, 20" x 37" 
750 Remarques, double signed & numbered prints on 100% Rag paper, 21" x 39" 
300 C-Marques, double signed & numbered canvasses, 25" x 40" 

The Subject Signed Only edition is a one time only Wynton Marsalis-signed special edition. This edition is not signed by the artist.


Poster originally sold for $59 (Unsigned), $235 (Signed), $595 (Re-Marque), $895 (C-Marque), Wynton Marsalis signed $235

Poster and specifications may vary slightly.

Image ©2002 NOJ&HF, Inc / Text © 2002-2003 ProCreations Publishing Company

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