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Congo Square 1998

Congo Square 1998

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by Aziz Diagne

Aziz Diagne, artist for the 1995 Congo Square poster, returns with a wonderfully allegorical image commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Congo Square. His striking evocation of Congo Square's African roots shows the close parallels between Congo Square - the festival within the Festival; Congo Square - the historic New Orleans place where slaves gathered to freely practice their rituals; and Africa, cradle of life. It is a panorama as colorful as Joseph's coat, created using Aziz's native West African art form of "thiessoise" (pronounced Te-a-swaz) - reverse painting on glass. This is a timeless and beautiful work of art; fluid, rich and culturally revealing.


1,500 artist signed and numbered prints, 36" x 20"

Poster originally sold for $55 (Signed)
Poster and specifications may vary slightly.
Image © 1998 Aziz Diagne & art4now, Inc / Text © 1998-1999 ProCreations Publishing Company


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