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Congo Square 2008

Congo Square 2008

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As Time Goes By
by Margaret Slade Kelley

Kermit Ruffins came to prominence wielding a trumpet with the Rebirth Brass Band then moved to traditional club gigs with his own band, the Barbecue Swingers. Unlike a long line of trumpeters who left town to conquer bright lights and big cities, Kermit stayed in the city that gave birth to the music he loves. Not even Katrina could dislodge him from the source that nurtured his soul. Jazz devotees worldwide are richer for his immovable devotion to advancing the art of jazz vocals and trumpet in the city that first provided jazz’s uniquely American voice.

Margaret Slade Kelley’s portrait of New Orleans’ native son is as timeless as his music. With a nod and a tip of his hat, Slade Kelley’s Kermit conveys his delight at exploring and expanding the territory first trod by Buddy Bolden a century ago. Her classic forms convey the jazzman’s spirit echoed in the cultural verity of this courtyard scene. The palette captures the City’s centuries-old patina. Slade Kelley’s embraceable classic is drenched in timeless authenticity.


5,000 unsigned and numbered 23" x 32" prints;
1,500 artist-signed and numbered 24" x 33" prints,
750 double-signed (Kelley and Ruffins) and numbered 25" x 35" prints.


Poster originally sold for $69 (Unsigned), $239 (Artist-Signed), $329 (Double-Signed)
Poster and specifications may vary slightly.
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