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Congo Square 2006

Congo Square 2006

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Three-Way Pocky A-Way Big Chief Monk Boudreaux 
by Richard Thomas 

How does one capture - in mere ink and paper - a regal Mardi Gras Indian chief, resplendent in a suit of fine plumage, prismatic beads and exquisite handiwork that turns culture into couture? How does one freeze the driving rhythms that animate Mardi Gras Indians, the font of back-beat, second line New Orleans? Start with an icon; in this case Chief Joseph Pierre "Monk" Boudreaux of the Golden Eagles Tribe. Boudreaux, 64 when this poster was released, occupies the big chief's position of stature and cultural responsibility and has woven his chants into music performed around the world.

To create a visual icon representing a culture so unique we called upon Richard Thomas whose energetic fusion, based upon on a photo by Michael P. Smith, New Orleans' premier documentary photographer, succeeds wildly in conveying the dignity, stature and intensity of a Big Chief at the peak of his powers. Thomas manages to both show the man and his art; the all-encompassing costume that sometimes obscures the Indian wearing it. This triptych (three-panel piece) is timeless. Collaborating with Smith, Thomas has birthed a vision that rocks like the Indians on Mardi Gras day. In addition to the numbered and the artist-signed editions, a special edition triple signed by Thomas, Smith & Boudreaux was published. A piece of art that's a piece of history. Three-way Pocky A-Way! 


3,000 unsigned, numbered 38" x 20" prints 
900 artist-signed and numbered 40" x 22" prints 
600 triple-signed and numbered 40" x 22" prints signed by the artist, his subject and the photographer. 


Posters originally sold for $59 (Unsigned), $239 (Artist-Signed), and $295 (Triple-Signed)

Poster and specifications may vary slightly
Image © 2006 art4now, Inc. / Text © 2006-2007 ProCreations Publishing Company


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