Congo Square 2001


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by Benny Andrews

Marking the new millennium, we continued our exploration of works by pioneering artists. Benny Andrews is renowned for telling stories through collages depicting elegantly elongated men and women in soulful, purposeful pursuits. Born in 1930, this son of a Southern sharecropper became a professor of art in New York and Director of Visual Arts of the National Endowment for the Arts. His work is represented in numerous museums and dozens of books. Spiritualism and jazz, two of his many subjects, suffuse his Congo Square image. This seemingly simple portrait is filled with emotional content, amplified by being set against a double reverse "split fountain" of two tranquil blues, out of which the vaporous letters emerge. This work showcases the contemporary power of one of America's art masters.


1,500 unsigned, numbered prints;
500 artist signed and numbered prints, 15" x 33"


Poster originally sold for $59 (Unsigned), $249 (Signed)

Poster and specifications may vary slightly.
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