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A Cookin' Chef's Apron - Gator!™ Print

A Cookin' Chef's Apron - Gator!™ Print

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A Cookin' Chef's Apron - Stylish Gastronomy - Climate Changed

Global warming has nothing on summer in New Orleans. Perfection from America's gastronomic center. Features a two-compartment pocket at top (for a pen and thermometer); an adjustable neck strap and extra long waist ties to wrap around and tie in the front (pro's hang two towels - one wet, one dry - from them). Backed with black cotton twill for double protection and reversibility. It's the best apron you've ever seen for cooks, chefs and BBQ'ers. Just wearing it makes your mouth water and every meal a bit tastier.

Available in Gator!, Red Beans, Crawfish By You & What-A-Melon. Adult, one size.

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