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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2003: A ProCreations® Poster

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2003: A ProCreations® Poster

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by Bill Jonas

Twenty-fifth in the series by Bill Jonas. For this milestone anniversary of the series, Jonas echoed the first poster ever done for the Fiesta, the classic 1979, depicting a single partial balloon and the edge of an adjacent one. Expanding on that image, the pilot is joined by three awed passengers. The beautiful blended sky and cloud forms hint at the dawn patrol that precedes each day's Fiesta events. The landscape below is shrouded in twilight. Jonas is widely admired for his meticulously crafted dreamscapes focusing on people engaged in higher pursuits. In the case of this poster, that description can be taken literally. His oil paint blending techniques are so time consuming that he produces as few as four paintings a year. We count ourselves lucky that one of those was the 25th installment of the Balloon Fiesta poster.


a limited-edition serigraph in an artist-signed edition of 1,250 numbered prints;
an unsigned edition of 2,500 numbered prints. 22" x 38"

® AIBF. Image ©2003 ProCreations Publishing Company / Text ©2003 ProCreations Publishing Company
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