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Jazz Fest 2020

Jazz Fest 2020

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Hoodoo Heaven: A Portrait of Dr. John

by Scott Guion

Malcolm John (Mac) Rebennack Jr. a/k/a Dr. John (1941-2019) occupies an eternal, ethereal and majestic place in hoodoo heaven - a New Orleans otherworld he conjured from the tendrils of reconstructed history for all to savor. A singular voice, persona, attitude and philosophy. Distilled from the essence of New Orleans’ unique charisma. Authentic. Mysterious. Mythic. Mystical. Expansive. Generous. A legendary talent with encyclopedic musical knowledge coupled with unfailing rhythmic intuition.

Mac forged funky, psychedelic, blues, pop, jazz, boogie-woogie, rock and roll alchemy from the mid-century elements of his youth. The Doctor escorted Professor Longhair’s lessons into the modern age, experimenting well beyond the confines of the Professor’s lab. It was voodoo fo’ sure.

He inspired Jim Henson to create his only directly derivative Muppet (Dr. Teeth). His performing, composing, producing, arranging, playing and singing also yielded more conventional embraces: 6 Grammys, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, 109 albums and collaborations, etc. 

Reflect on the Oracle of Orleans’ incantations as you scan Scott Guion’s divine portrait: “The money you got ain’t no better than how you spend it, man… Your edu-ma-cation ain’t no hipper than what you understand…” Qualified beyond compare, who better than Guion, whose 50th anniversary work outsold every prior print in the series, to bind New Orleans’ two virtuoso monuments in enduring silkscreen grace? 

Guion adds a coat of charms (a first-ever ReMac) adjacent to his signature on the Signed Edition in homage to the Doctor. The Remarque edition includes this homage, is hand embellished by the artist and sports the piano-adorned estate-stamped signature of the good Doctor. 

The C-Marque includes all of these marks on canvas and is selectively hand overpainted by Guion. These significant works provide unique opportunities to acquire an original Guion at extremely favorable prices. Due to the anticipated demand for the C-Marque edition, only one may be ordered per household. All prints are subject to prior sale. If history is any guide, these editions will sell out before the Festival concludes. 

About the Artist

Scott Guion is an artist & musician born in New Orleans in 1971. His murals and paintings are in museums, entertainment venues, and private collections coast to coast; yet he remains the ultimate insider’s secret. His large-scale commissions for the House Of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, B.B. King’s Blues Cafe and The Grand Ole Opry are widely admired for their idiosyncratic fidelity, color tone and visual harmonies.

His work has appeared in Rolling StonePeopleBillboard and NY Arts magazines, among others. His individual patrons include Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant and many more. Now you know what they know - what your eyes already told you: Guion’s synthesis of music, personality and paint is nothing short of brilliant. Katrina blew Guion out of New Orleans. He currently resides in Nashville with his wife and son. 


10,000 Numbered silkscreen prints on archival paper, 22” x 35”, $85

2,500 Artist Signed & Numbered silkscreen prints with an homage imprint on 100% rag paper, 22” x 35”, $245

750 Remarques Artist Signed & Numbered silkscreen prints with homage imprint and unique hand embellishment by the Artist & bearing the adorned estate-stamped signature of Dr. John on 100% rag paper, 22” x 35”, $595

350 C-Marques Artist Overpainted, Artist Signed & Numbered with homage imprint and the adorned estate-stamped signature of Dr. John silkscreened on canvas suitable for stretching; unstretched size 27” x 39”, $995.


Our frames are crafted from archival materials finished in beautiful satin black. The framed Unsigned print uses a 1.25" profile frame. The Signed and ReMarque edition frames have a .875" front profile with a 1" depth, creating an elegant shadowbox effect. The float-mounted ReMarque edition showcases the full size of the archival print in a gallery format, adding 1.5" to 2.0" of pH neutral matte around the presentation. Matted prints feature a 1.75" to 2.5" wide white neutral pH matte depending on the edition. Although Art4Now's oil-based silkscreen inks are highly stable, our glass-clear acrylic adds additional archival protection, blocking 87% of UV rays. All framed prints come fully assembled and ready to hang!  Art4Now does not provide retail framing services onsite. Shipping charges for framed orders are for the U.S. only.  International orders will incur additional shipping charges.

* Frames shown are digital simulations.

Poster specifications & digital image may vary slightly from actual prints.

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