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Congo Square 2007

Congo Square 2007

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by Terrance Osborne

Music percolates through the streets of New Orleans and permeates the soul of those in the City. One extraordinary such soul is Philip Frazier who formed the ReBirth Brass Band in 1983 while still in high school. His tuba pumps New Orleans' greatest natural resource for all it’s worth as it gives the band its foundation. The renewable energy ReBirth brings to this timeless street music respects the old as it pursues the new. Frazier's well-worn tuba has propelled ReBirth from the modest Treme neighborhood to world renown. Its Sousa-funk pulse proves the heart still beats strong deep in New Orleans. If you’re looking for assurance that the past has a future, ReBirth is it. Making the soul of New Orleans manifest on paper takes an artist steeped in its culture. Native son Terrance Osborne’s intuitive sense of color, light and form make this poster a luminous modern classic; an audible visual. The concept was inspired in part by a photograph by former New Orleans Saint, Brad Edelman. The result is a visual legacy as vibrant as the music that inspired it.


5,000 unsigned and numbered 23" x 35" prints
1,500 artist-signed and numbered 24" x 36" prints
750 double-signed (Osborne and Frazier) and numbered 25" x 38" prints


Poster originally sold for $69 (Unsigned), $239 (Artist-Signed), $329 (Double-Signed)
Poster and specifications may vary slightly.
Image ©2007 art4now, Inc / Text © 2007-2008 ProCreations Publishing Company

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