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Jazz Fest 1989

Jazz Fest 1989

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Fats Domino
By Richard Thomas

Note: Fats Domino passed away in 2006. The Double Signed editions are signed by him.

Fifteenth in the series by Richard Thomas. As significant a poster in the series as the '76, '80 and '85, Richard Thomas' pop portrait of Fats Domino began a new direction in subject matter, editions and technique. The 20th anniversary of the Jazz Fest marked the first in a still-continuing series of portraits of the people who made New Orleans music unique. A new edition, signed by the performer as well as the artist, was added to the numbered unsigned and artist-signed and numbered editions. Using markers, photographs, blocks of strong color and mezzotints, Thomas reflected the dynamic personality of his legendary subject.


12,500 unsigned and numbered 22" x 32"

2,500 artist signed and numbered

500 prints were signed by the artist and "Fats" Domino, the performer portrayed. 

Poster originally sold for $30 (unsigned), $75 (signed), and $150 (Special).
©1989 NOJ&HF, Inc / Text © 1998 ProCreations Publishing Co

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