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Congo Square 2002

Congo Square 2002

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by James Denmark

James Denmark's painted collage reflects pure unbridled joy through a New Orleans lens. The artist compresses history, combining traditional costumes and dance poses from Africa and the Caribbean with modern jazz instruments and the intimation of a second line. The work's harmonious use of disparate colors conveys Denmark's gentle faith that each component of the human spectrum is richer when brought together. The combined influences of New York's abstract expressionists (Pollock, Still, deKooning) and the African-American masters (Norman Lewis, Bearden, Lawrence, Crichlow) to whom he was exposed, are evident in Denmark's work. His affinity for improvisational collage developed into his identifiable style employing handcolored papers, fabric and found objects. Denmark has had over 60 one-man exhibitions at the world's most prestigious museums including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Brooklyn Museum and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.


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