A Story That Makes It All Worthwhile

This story of BayouWear tracing one life’s full arc touched us; as shared by a customer:

“Small story I wanted to share.

“My father, in his younger years, never missed a Jazz Fest and each year he would purchase the Jazz Fest shirt. In his later years he was no longer able to go to the festival but still wanted the shirt, so around 25 years ago I started buying his Jazz Fest shirts for him as birthday present each year.

“We always enjoyed getting the shirts and looking at the details of the designs, the different buttons and all the little hidden details within the shirt we always found so much joy and fun in it.

“We did not get to purchase this year's shirt.
My dad passed away in February 2 of 2024.

“He had made plans with my mom to make sure that all of his shirts were disbursed among family members and worn to his memorial service and his funeral, which everybody complied with even though his shirts were 2XL. She didn’t count the shirts before she started dispersing them, but she thinks they were right around 35+ or minus shirts. He said that the only one he was missing was the second shirt; we were never able to get our hands on it.

“He chose his favorite to be buried in (the one with the bee’s buttons). We had kids as young as 12 years old wearing them.

"I thought I would attach a picture of one of the groups of people in all of your shirts.”
- Jennifer B.

We strive to make each BayouWear motif a memorable touchstone in every life. We’re honored we could add joy to a solemn occasion. Share your journey in BayouWear.

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