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The BayouWear® Type 3 (T3) Mask

The BayouWear® Type 3 (T3) Mask

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Wear it over a surgical mask for a great look & the snug fit the CDC says provides up to 96.5% reduction in viral transmission.

BayouWear’s Type 3 (T3) uniquely tailored Mask hugs the contours of your face without ear loops that cause gaps. Its adjustable Velcro-backed headband goes on and off quickly and fits most adults. Its patent-pending design lets it hang off your neck when not in use. It's always ready. Pull it up as needed. Pull it down without fear of loss.

The T3’s soft 100% cotton knit lining yields the right balance of filtration, fit and breathability.Our exclusive 100% natural rayon challis antimicrobial layeradds fashion flair to this now-necessary accessory. Its secure embrace is so comfortable you can wear it all day. Folds flat so it’s always with you. Made in USA. Washable. Available in 5 motifs. One size fits most. 

Climate Changed®. Breathe easy.

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The T3 Mask is not a medical device. It is designed to meet the standards for anti-dispersion face coverings in accordance with CDC recommendations. It is not a substitute for social distancing. It is an accessory to that practice. Sales support the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.

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