Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 1983: A ProCreations® Poster


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by Stephen St. Germain

Fifth in the series by Stephen St. Germain. Normally, a new artist is commissioned to create each year's image. St. Germain wanted to further explore the themes and techniques he established in the prior year's sold-out print. This time the artist went further in space, abandoning all pretense of any relationship to Earth, itself just another big balloon. Ultimately, the work suggests that balloons are heavenly bodies in their own orbit - a concept with which most balloonists would agree.


a limited-edition serigraph in an artist-signed edition of 500 numbered prints; 
an unsigned edition of 5,000 numbered prints. 18" x 34"

® AIBF. Image ©1983 ProCreations Publishing Company / Text ©1998 ProCreations Publishing Company

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