Milton Glaser's 1978 Newport Jazz Festival poster for ProCreations

1978 Newport Jazz Fest Poster

Art4now's predecessor company, ProCreations Publishing Company, was asked to do a poster series for George Wein's pioneering Newport Jazz Festival - the original jazz festival and the one that served as the template for all those that followed. ProCreations approached the great Milton Glaser.

By 1978, Milton Glaser had created the famous Bob Dylan poster, the I (heart) NY logo, founded New York Magazine (the first city magazine), designed typefaces and done more to influence graphic art than anyone before or since - and still had half a lifetime to go!

So it was with no small amount of trepidation that ProCreations approached the great man. Glaser accepted the commission and invited us over to discuss the project. His studio was filled with 4' x 6' posters, everyone greater than the one adjacent. Eyes darting, ProCreations' publisher asked if he would do something like, ah, the Albert King poster or perhaps the Floating Pear or... Patting ProCreations' publisher on the cheek with hands that enveloped the 28-year olds entire face, he said, "It's OK bubbalah. I know what to do."

Read his obituary here, knowing that it doesn't come close to describing this magnificent, creative, kind and generous soul.

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