The Inside story of the 2023 Jazz Fest Poster

The Inside story of the 2023 Jazz Fest Poster

We are pleased to announce that Holding Forth, a painting by James Michalopoulos is the featured artwork on the official commemorative poster, Quarter (Love) Note, for the 2023 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This is an unprecedented seventh time that Michalopoulos’ work has been showcased on the world’s most collected art poster.

"My primary inspiration for the poster is the vibrant life of New Orleans and the many particular ways that it shows up. The life of New Orleans at its root is foundationally musical, rhythmic. This time around, as opposed to a particular figure, we have the people of New Orleans as the focus of the piece. This is a slice of the life in the midst of the Festival season that shows some of the animated engagement that makes living in New Orleans the rich experience that it is."

- James Michalopoulos

Holding Forth was commissioned and adapted by Art4now for the 2023 Festival. The original is a massive horizontal painting measuring 96"×144" and features 58 figures, many of which were selected from earlier paintings. His previous Jazz Festival posters have centered on a single performer. James commented, “To have 58 figures in an image is itself a bit of a challenge. I was reminded of Bruegel's struggles portraying the calamitous Middle Ages.”


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